MARCH 16 - 17, 2018

There is no registration for the general public to attend the Florida Eucharistic Congress,
however children must be registered for the Children’s Tracks.
Click here for Children’s Track Registration.

“A plenary Indulgence is granted to the faithful who participate religiously in the solemn Eucharistic celebration which is customarily held at the conclusion of a Eucharistic congress”. Click this link to learn more – Indulgences


Let’s first start with what it is not. A Eucharistic Congress is not a stuffy meeting. It is not just for certain people. It does not require an invitation or an RSVP. Then what is it?

A Eucharistic Congress is a celebration of faith. Everyone is invited and welcome.

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"In the past, time was limited; this year I'm taking two vacation days so that I can participate fully."

Rita Baum
"Last [year] was the 1st time I went. I saw the live stations of the cross and it was awesome. I will be back [this] year. I am learning about the Catholic faith and will soon be confirmed."

Cathy Connell
"I LOVE this event. Love the speakers. We've never been disappointed. Thank You to all who participate, and all who plan it. It's a memorable 2-day event. (With a lot of "Pearls of Wisdom" to take home with you.)"

Mardelle Wehby
"Another fine event bringing people of faith together. Such an enlightening experience for all. Truly something for everyone."

Deacon George Barletta